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We are the leading supplier of Bilstein Shock Motorsports race shock absorbers and parts. On our web site you will find top quality Bilstein Shocks and Shock parts for many Oval and Circle Track Motorsports applications. Our experts at Fastline Performance have been helping racers drive for the win year after year. Whether you need to buy new Bilstein shocks or rebuild your existing take apart shock, we have the right products for you. We carry a large variety of racing shocks including winged sprint shocks, dirt modified shocks, mini sprint shocks, and many more for dirt track and asphalt racing applications.

In addition to our products and shock parts, you will also find great resources to aid in your planning, setting up and also help rebuilding shocks and chassis. We offer Racing Shock & Chassis Training Seminar Classes and we are also a Full Service, Bilstein Certified Shock Repair Shop.

Fastline Performance is dedicated to helping you bring your team into the line of top performance

Authorized Dealer

Authorized Bilstein Shocks Dealer

Authorized Bilstein Shocks Dealer

Fastline Performance is an authorized Bilstein Shock supplier and authorized Bilstein Shock Repair Center.

Why use Bilstein Shocks?

Rebuild Your Shocks

Aren't you tired of having to throw away damaged or worn-out shocks?

Bilstein Shocks are inexpensively user-rebuildable.
Your Bilstein Shocks can be the last shocks you ever buy!  Every piece and part is user-replaceable; you don't have to replace the whole shock if one part gets damaged. Read More...

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